Kelly Rowland – Nobody Cares, Let’s Talk About Beyonce’s Babies

Kelly Rowland – Nobody Cares, Let’s Talk About Beyonce’s Babies

Am I the only one who thinks Kat Williams robbed Dave Grutman’s closet … The Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland – who only gets attention when Beyonce has drama or pregnancy in her life. Here she is wondering why paparazzo’s love her?

Anyway who cares about Kelly … let’s get to the kitty gritty of Beyonce’s belly. Everyone is going crazy over her Instagram photo which has now surpassed Selena Gomez’s Coco-Cola image for most likes all time, 8.4 million and counting. That’s insane.

But being an expert in surrogacy, because my Step-Mom Shawna Craig carried my baby (Thank you Dr. Smotrich) … it’s obvious to me these children were inserted. They are not love babies, they are genetically gifted – meaning strongest sperm and eggs creating the ultimate embryos. It’s cheating for the rich and famous, unless you truly have fertility issues … but you still have to be rich to complete the process. We hit a home run the first time out, usually it takes a couple times or couples insert multiple embryos with the hope one sticks. That’s gross to me, but to each celeb their own.

Lyon if you ever read this one day – you were a single shot. I had one strong male embryo and 9 females. At the last second I told Dr. Smotrich to switch the girl out for a boy. I gambled and God blessed me with you. He loves me and Tom Brady for some reason. I’ll take it.

My point is Beyonce and Jay-Z already know the sex of the twins … so please inform us and the fans who bought Coachella tickets and feel ripped off. Thank you.

Jesus – I’m a plug champion. #ad

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