Kenya Moore – Ex Sends Threatening Texts

Kenya Moore – Ex Sends Threatening Texts

On this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we have seen Kenya Moore’s on-again-off-again relationship with Matt Jordan and the problems the couple have been having. In this upcoming week’s episode, Moore has to deal with some very threatening messages from Jordan.

When Moore sits down with fellow Housewife Cynthia Bailey, she explains to Bailey how Bailey’s ex, Peter Thomas, is having a party and wanted to invite Jordan and pay for his plane ticket to come. While Moore had initially said okay, she changed her mind, thinking they weren’t ready to be around each other. Out of respect to her, Thomas cancelled the plane ticket. This led to Jordan blasting Moore on social media.

As if that wasn’t enough, Moore explains that he started sending threatening texts to her.

“I promise I’m going to make it my business that you never want to talk to me again,” Moore shared of what Jordan texted her. “Do anything to manipulate any situation from this point on I promise you on every fiber on my being you’ll regret every move you make.”

He wasn’t done, though, adding specific examples such as, “Call the police. I promise you will regret it. Flirt with another guy. You will regret it. Come to me humble and open your arms.”

While it will be interesting to see what goes down after this, one things is clear- these two are toxic and should not be in a relationship together.

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