Kenya Moore – What Matt Did To My House Broke My Heart

Kenya Moore – What Matt Did To My House Broke My Heart

Last week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans saw Kenya Moore’s house get vandalized by her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Matt Jordan. While Moore was clearly upset by the situation, she took to her Bravo blog this week to address how she felt in the situation.

“I felt profound sadness when I saw the damage to my home in person,” Moore revealed. “I was out of town and received an alert from my security. My cousin Che who lives minutes away actually called the police and made a report and sent me photos.”

“It broke my heart,” she continued. “Why does he think damaging my property will get the results he wants from me? What is it that he wants? Love or fear? No woman should have to be subjected to choose between the two.”

“Matt didn’t do those things to my house to hurt me,” she added, “the damage was done as a cry for help.”

Moore wrapped with saying that, “Matt is a man whom I had great love for and even though we cannot be together, I felt I can still have compassion for his issues and get him the help he needs.”

We definitely can understand why Moore would be upset with the situation, and have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll hear or see about Jordan on this season.

Make sure to tune into The Real Housewives of Atlanta at 8 PM this Sunday on Bravo.

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