Keri Russell Jokes At Star Ceremony- “Am I About To Die?”

Keri Russell Jokes At Star Ceremony- “Am I About To Die?”

Actress Keri Russell was recently honored with a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, and she gave an acceptance speech where she talked about how honored she was to get the award, and even made a joke about the award- involving dying- that seemed well timed.

“Thank you so much,” Russell began with saying. “This is obviously such an honor and such an incredible thing to be here. I have to admit- when I first heard about this- I was a little surprised and confused, because when I think of Hollywood star, I really think of these really iconic people like Judy Garland or Johnny Carson, and I thought, do they know something that I don’t know? Am I about to die?”

“Or- um- is it over?” she added. “Is this it for my career? At the twilight of my career, you’ve done that college kid, the Russian spy- now it’s done. Make room for other people. They assured me that, no.”

We’ve adored Russell since her days on Felicity, and wish her a big congrats on the honor!

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