Kevin Bacon Talks His New Amazon Show

Kevin Bacon Talks His New Amazon Show

Kevin Bacon was recently spotted at the red carpet premiere of Amazon’s forthcoming series ‘I Love Dick’ in which he stars.

He talked about his character in the series, saying, “He’s an artist who is a very big fish in a small pond… and he is a man that is kind of at a crossroads, I think. Struggling with art and being a creative person and longevity and loss of power and all those kinds of things.”

In addition to talking about his character, he talked about the chemistry between him and his co-stars, claiming that, “People talk a lot about chemistry. I don’t really 100% believe in it, because I think that chemistry is really a function of good actors being honest and looking each other in the eye and being real and being present and, you know, but if I did believe in chemistry, I would say the three of us have it.”

Shows on places like Netflix and Amazon truly are the modern “it” thing. It will be interesting to see if his takes off like many of the others have.

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