Kevin Bacon’s Assistant Needs A Chill Pill

Kevin Bacon’s Assistant Needs A Chill Pill

Kevin Bacon was recently spotted in London and was doing what the kinder celebrities do- namely, stopping to sign autographs and take selfies with fans.

While he appeared to not have a care in the world while doing it, his assistant seems like she needs a chill pill. She keeps saying over and over that “We’ve got to keep him walking” and “We’ve got to get him inside.” She says it incessantly… like SO MANY TIMES. It’s grating to even watch.

Kevin, you need to tell this woman to relax. If you want to stop and engage with your fans, you’re the celeb- not her. You call the shots. If she is your assistant, may we suggest a conversation… or an ad for a new one. She’s obnoxious and we’re not a fan. At all.

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