Kevin Durant Took The Easy Way Out

Kevin Durant Took The Easy Way Out

Will we ever look at Kevin Durant as a legitimate MVP? The answer is NO.

Last night proved why Michael Jordan was the best player to ever live. It didn’t matter what pieces were around him, his heart beat to a different drum, and his passion and determination made him unstoppable. Durant on the other hand made the NBA look like a joke- always open because of his All Star teammates, and no double or triple teams like the days of Jordan and Kobe Bryant,

The Golden State Warriors took advantage of the system to ensure a championship this season. End of story. In my eyes, Durant is no different than Barry Bonds. In America, we love the underdog, but athletes have changed. This is a money game and to get the max, you need to cheat.

And LeBron James can’t b*tch because he did the same exact thing when he went to Miami. He has to wear it.

This entire NBA season- and I’m guessing the next four seasons to come- will be a joke. So before you go and start blaming Khloe Kardashian for the Kardashian Kurse, understand this is not her fault. GS legally cheated to ensure LeBron James would look like a LOSER.

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