Kierra Kylie Mosco

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Kierra kylie mosco. big time slut that she thinks shes a good model, haahha, she takes her pics herself and edits them herself and she thinks shes hot when really she looks like shit with that big forehead no tits and bucked up giant teeth, this bitch will fck anyone for a lil money, she started really young fuking guys that were 40 and 45 its disgusting , ask anyone about this bitch nik and they will let you kno, she sucks and fcks and she stinkss, this guy even said he fcked her in his truck and it stunk so bad, the bitch was soo loose it was nasty,so kierra please take off that ugly makeup and stop editing and photshopping your pics to make it look like your some top model cause you aint nothing and u aint never gonna be,so keep on partying getting drunk everyday an fcking random find on facebook r at some random club, and sucking 4 guys in 1 night, very classy, close your legs and shut up, no one likes you, stop being a lesbian whore and start respecting yourself, your ugly and u will never b pretty not even with fake boobs or any plastic surgery, ur just gross and please shwer more, cause u stink and u have a very fishy smeell, which is gross!!, anyways nik love your website and i support yuuu!!, put these bitches on blast, and P.s kierra kylie mosco make sure you kno which friends are fake and which ones r real  love you alwaysss

I like how she photoshopped her clip-in lines away…- nik

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