Kim Diaz The Dirty Duncan

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Kim Diaz the Dirty Duncan

Kim Diaz the Dirty Duncan

Kim Diaz the Dirty Duncan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright guys meet Kim she seriously shoulda been up here by now this girl is beyond fcked you ll see in her pictures what looks like a dude well that’s not a dude that’s a dyke from drunken Duncan who’s apparently her cousin ? wow can you get any more Duncan then that? This girl is pure bred cowichan trout she will do ANYTHING for attention and doesn’t know how to take a shower this bitch smells sour i know a guy that went to fuck her but literally had to stop because she smelled so fucking bad she goes around tramping around and then cries when people call her a slut because shes so fcking pathetic the truth hurts she is manipulative and a sad excuse for a human being she will try and fuck any tom dick and harry she thinks shes so hot with her box of walmart bleach and her no tits and her rotten crotch she thinks shes some kinda porn star well reality bitch your nothing but another cow hoe .

That bottom pose looks all too familiar for her.- nik

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