Kimberly Hyneman

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I’m posting this because I was seriously surprised there wasn’t a page already for this person, theres SO many people she’s gotten into arguments with over the most mundane things and fought to the death over to try and prove she was right with some of the most silly arguments. Kimberly Hyneman (used to be Gresham but she got married with a guy she knew for 2 months because she would have been homeless otherwise after high school and to make sure he said yes, asked him during sex and quickly had a child to ensure he wouldn’t leave her.) is really crazy…for starters. She thinks Bill Gates is trying to [] everyone with vaccines, she’ll pick a fight with ANYone over ANYthing! You can be like “Man I love hamburgers.” and she’ll rant at you as if you’re an idiot for eating hamburgers on how horrible they are and how much she knows about hamburgers because of things she no less than an hour ago looked up online. When you start to prove her wrong she essentially just says “No you’re wrong!” and starts calling you names and acting like she’s smarter than you. She once freaked out over a person who got a horde tattoo a person got and basically said they were stupid for getting it and that there was no possible way to validate getting such a tattoo. She once had an argument with me for an hour about how bad trolling was, then two months later started pasting all over Facebook how much she trolls people and how stupid everyone is. She doesn’t have an education after high school and she’s already having a second child, has 4 dogs she can’t even take care of, doesn’t work and constantly uses her husbands money claiming that it’s both of their’s.

Judging by the un-placeable hair color I can tell she has some issues, which means those whiskers weren’t for Halloween.- nik

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