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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I may seem like a coward for doing this but I don’t know how else to deal with it and I want to help other men and woman going through the same thing. Hopefully this will prevent it from ever happening again. Meet the asshole known as Nathan Zahn. For the past decade he has been sleeping with men and woman while knowingly having herpedrds and passing it along to these people. The sad part is that herpes sometimes doesn’t show up for 6 months to a year so by the time people catch it they don’t know where it came from and more than likely pasted it to another partner. As I’ve now found out it is illegal to keep such information from someone you are sleeping with, I will be taking legal action against him and now he will be forced to pay for the medication I now have to take to stop outburst. I suggest that any of you that have slept with this man and now have herpes to also take action. This is wrong on so many levels and this guy needs to be seen for who he really is. He is a selfish liar that puts other people’s lives at risk for his own pleasure. It is truly sickening. I hope this information will help the rest of you going through it and maybe even stop some of you from making a life altering decision.

Nice comb forward oldie.- nik

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