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Kiss and tell

Kiss and tell

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Anastasia Andranov of Hick-ville Barrie Ontario. A wannabe singer and model who claims she is also from Ukraine/Israel and studied Neuropsychology at Laurentian University. Rumor has it she really only took a single psych class at Georgian College in Barrie and the Masters bullsh*t is all a lie. Funny, you listen to any song she has written or interview given, and the chick is a total MORON! It is al “like” this and “like” that. She never says anything intelligent. Her grammar on blog posts is horrible. She is tone-deaf, sings like a 98 year old woman suffering from COPD, is cross eyed, and when meeting her face to face, on multiple occasions, her breath has been RANCID! Like decaying flesh! Guess smoking and cr*ck are aggravating that eastern european gingivitis. Anastasia got her start in the porn industry. Yes PORN. Not “international modeling” liks this bitch claims. PORN! That would explain how she makes her “industry connections.” She’s the former Blowjob Queen of Barrie. (her mouth’s true talent; not singing). Look closely at the pics. Photoshopped. Any pic she is in is heavily modified to hide the poor skin, wrinkles from smoking and the fact that she has a horrible body unless she starves herself. Rally it is no wonder that the only “songs” she “writes” (aka steals wording of celebs like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, with a few extra “baby” thrown in.” Really? Is this girl the “new celebrity” all the internet press releases claim she is? (All the relaeses are the same, coming from a prost-i-tot “AGENT”, who looks like a skank you pick up at any local, inexpensive bar) Or is she just ridin on the coat-tails or her once famous drummer dad into the land of delusion?

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