Kissa The Beached Whale

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Kissa the beached whale

Kissa the beached whale

Kissa the beached whale

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she calls her self “lovely lady kissa” she runs this wack page on facebook called “lovely lady juggalos” this girl take HORRIBLE pictures. Don’t worry, that is not the only reason she has a hate page with almost 700 people on it…lets get down to why she is so disgusting, besides her dirty feet and how she always has her mouth open like shes waiting for a greg to enter her mouth…. For one she supports an adult website [] this website needs to be shut down. why? because, people upload nude pictures, DIRTY nude pictures and then will upload their children in the same album!! basically its a porn site that people upload their babys and children pictures on, and she supports this?? recently a friend stumbled upon a website that she was posting on, claiming to have a horrible disease that women suffer from “fibromyalgia” claiming that she needs clothes because she is pregnant and can’t fit into anything, using fibromyalgia to get free stuff from people, saying its been cured!! sorry but fibromyalgia can no be cured! she lied because she is a bum and refuses to get a job…she has a child and instead of working she begs for money off the internet. she is never even with her kid, instead she is always out taking slutty pictures naked on top of other girls “as you see in her photos” she has no respect for herself what so ever. instead of being a respectable good role model for her daughter, she would rather run around and be a whore and beg for money and attention on the internet. she is what i like to call..A DEAD BEAT MOM! not to mention a HORRIBLE model! in all her pictures she squats down and makes this face like shes taking a shit, or her mouth is wide open, wear bright blue lipstick and yarn in her hair…ugly as hell, her stomach i gross, as you can see…and she says “haters make her famous” really sorry no i have no idea why people think that. if that was the case we all would be famous. anyone who thinks that is an IDIOT! now she is threatening to get people []d and jumped, these people have kids…real nice leave that up to the dead beat mom.

That photographer definitely took full advantage of these wannabes.  Why he would want to is beyond me.- nik

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