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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this whore Kissra her name is Lynn Kay and she opens her legs to any guy with a car who is willing to drive her from home to work. She lives in DownTown Calgary in Alberta, thats in Canada and during rush hour she like to be driven instead of taking public transportation. Have a car? willing to drive her to and from work? she will give you a blow job. Her drunk ass will fck your cock if you buy her hard liquor. This dumb bitch have a son and she lost custody because of the alcohol. If you see this bitch she will do anything for drinks and rides. Cheap c*nt caused so many breakups because of her slutty no morals sleeping with every guy slut. I lost my boyfriend because he cheated on me with her. Lynn if you reading this what goes around comes around you stupid whore. NOte: this bitch always dresses like a whore so she can get freebies. she will flirt with any guy who have some money and willing to buy her stuff. Guys don’t fall for her she will only use you like a buss boy to do her chores. bitch wear normal cloths you dumb whore, slutty always is not classy but trashy just like you worthless home-wrecker trash whore Note2: the picture I am uploading I found on my ex-boyfriend phone. She knew he was my boyfriend and she still flirt with him.

Work attire?- nik

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