Klamath Falls Low Life


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Klamath falls low life, TRASH-Karissa Waltz

Klamath falls low life, TRASH-Karissa Waltz

Klamath falls low life, TRASH-Karissa Waltz

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little girl Karissa Waltz is one of the LOWEST, TRASHIEST, and UGLIEST, of Klamath Falls Oregon. She had a great job, working for a VERY RESPECTED person and she was trusted…UNTIL she got caught stealing hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from her boss. she of course denied taking anything and wont admit she was wrong. she eventually got arrested and is now out on bail AT 18 YEARS OLD! Shes threatening people but when it come down to it, she wont even come out of her house because she knows the whole town is out to get her. she has a boyfriend of MAYBE 2 months and she is already MADLY in love with him because, he OF COURSE is going to take her side. She is cheating on her boyfriend with MULTIPLE GUYS and her boyfriend is oblivious to it. She hits up guys that shes had sex with asking them for money so she can get an abortion. She has so many naked picture floating around, she might as well not even wear clothes at all because everybody knows her by her nasty vagina. shes a home wrecker and has sent my man, and other clearly TAKEN MEN, nasty pictures of her masturbating and even one of her having sex with some guy. THIS GIRL NEEDS TO BE PUT ON BLAST ONCE AND FOR ALL!

All I see is that snaggle tooth, painful memories of those things scrapping gregs.- nik

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