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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do i start? wow! this girl vb is the crazy girl of all times. She has 2 kids, who knows if the man she is married to fathered either one of them as she loves to f*ck around. She sleeps with married men, she loves her brown and black meat. all her sisters -and let me say she has 5, -HATE her! no one wants to be near her, she is a cheater a liar, bar hopper, she drinks, not to mention she has an alcoholic hubby! WOW! crazy family! Oh and don’t let me forget to mention that all her sisters r lesbians and 2 or 3 brothers r gay and vb decides she is no longer part of them because they r that? Her hubby’s fam is all a mess, drunks, i mean everyone in that fam drink, they got a whole production going on there of making their own booz!!! CRAZYYYYY!!!! Vb is a stalker and fat cow! She spends more time txt, internet, bars then taking care of her kids, they r always dirty looking, those poor kids, they have nothing, vb and her hubby dont care to provide any sort of love, care to those poor kids, and they r being abused and neglected in that house of drunks!!! they got no finances to feed those kids nutritious foods and give those kids clean clothes-toys, all the things kids need when they r kids because the deadbeat of a pathetic dad is to damn lazy to work…not to mention he has 2 other children that he neglected from years ago, and not paying child support, wants nothing to do with them, talks sh*t about them, and tells people those r not his kids, when they r! he is just a sorry excuse for a dad…and his fam also want nothing to do with those kids because he brainwashed them into thinking they r not his, so those kids lost a set of grandparents and lots of aunts-uncles-cousins due to this damn fck and his loser wife!!! WOW!!! this is crazy! Even vera’s mom said that she should have aborted her when she had the choice if she knew how of a freak vb will turn out to be… her older brothers talked sh*t about her, heard it from people i know myself. she is sick! she needs help, but refuses to get it, her kids r the ones who r suffering and r getting more hurt because they have such losers parents! CRAZY! Vera is a fat *ss ugly cow, who is nothing but a sorry *ss of a mother who stays with a sorry *ss of a father and a husband, i guess they deserve each other!!! She lives in dallas, hangs out in salem, in vancouver area, and sometimes in pdx, if u see her stay the hell away or else she will make ure life a living hell by stalking you and harassing you. also check with police in those area for the reports on this person, she has countless of them!

Its almost as if they’re running a foster care…- nik

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