Korean Plastic Surgery Is Even Weirder Than You Think


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! A bit more on the insane plastic surgery going on in South Korea: it isn’t just extreme but ultra bizarre. Girls there undergo procedures to REMOVE a thigh gap?!?! And calf muscles are considered very gross so people have their calves “smoothed,” plus they find ultra pointy chins and thin lips sexy on women (????), and often shave down a man’s jawline. Sorry guys but strong jaws are sexy. Then again, so are big gregs–and they don’t have those either. Both guys and girls also have their head rounded if they feel like their head is too flat. Of course, all of this “improvement” will only last until they reproduce–none of this surgery fixes their genes. Nature, and ugly, always finds a way.

Random, but whatever happen to Brody Chinner?- nik


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