Kris Benson Cheats On His Wife Anna Benson Again

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Ex MLB teammates WIFE has affair...

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I recently had the pleasure of overhearing a loud mouth and former Benson employee (Mary) spilling a huge scandalous story about her daughter Misty Blalock, WIFE of ex MLB player Hank Blalock. It all started when Misty was getting a little too close to her best friend’s husband, Kris Benson. Mrs. Anna Benson former FHM pin-up confronted Misty of her actions, and Misty ignored the request to stop communicating with Kris. She feels as if Anna doesn’t deserve Kris, and he should trade up to a younger much hotter woman. Kris and Misty continue to express that they are destined to be together, and are SOUL MATES. It seems as if Misty will do anything to make sure she steals Anna’s husband of 14 years. Was Anna possibly set up by Mary (Misty’s mom) who is now a former nanny for Anna’s children. While Anna has been busy being the villain on Baseball’s House Wives, were Mary’s intentions all along to have Misty steal Kris away from Anna? We all know it’s no secret that Anna is and has been controversial in the MLB community, but do you think that’s going to stop her…NOPE! Anna is known to many as crazy, wild, hard core party animal who choses Adderall as her daily drug of choice. Don’t worry Misty continues to contact Kris, and Misty will not stop until she has her soul mate. It is no kept secret that Misty is deathly afraid of Anna since she’s a powerful woman, and WILL do anything to make sure Misty doesn’t have her man and father of her children. Mrs. Blalock who has 3 young children herself, has desperately reached out to her lawyers for help in this matter, and even gone as far as taking out a restraining order against Anna Benson as she fears for the worst in this situation she created. I think Anna should sue Misty for the pain and suffering she has caused. Just so you know, this is NOT the first time Kris has cheated on crazy Anna. He cheated on Anna with another ex teammates fiancé. So I ask you Nik, should Kris ditch his well known crazy wife for a proud to be home wrecker?

Anna Benson could never leave Kris Benson, the money and lifestyle is just too good.- nik

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