Krista is an Escort

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik how much time you got? This little gem is Krista Hibberd aka Krista Maindonald aka Miss Heather aka Morgan aka Heather Morgan aka Miss Tree aka dirty dirty dirt dirt. This 30-something waste of skin has made a living selling her pie and you would think after 10 years or so of doing it she would stop trying to deny it and just own up to who and what she is. She is a scandalous liar and recently caused so much drama by helping some junkie rob my friends then hooking up with some new gangsta who has no idea who she is what she does haha so this guy is running around trying to save-a-hoe while she creeps out of bed to see clients. not only that but now she is supposedly pregnant but with all the clients the junkie thief and this new guy who can be sure who the dad is??? she has ruined many relationships with her lies and BS she is still even legally married to this James guy. Wonder if he knows how much she was and is up to cause he wouldn’t talk to us apparently he still loves her!!! Please please please put her on blast and the agency she “owns” Kate’s Escorts in Calgary. Are owners allowed to go on “dates”?

Nice try blurring out your tats, you still have a recognizable flat ass.- nik

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