Kristen Ghostkeeper

THE DIRTY ARMY: I dunno where to start with girl but maybe a good place would be at the fact she gave up her baby girl for a fckn coke addiction. Shes been lying, cheating, n using her boyfriend since they been together. Simmsie deserves so much better than this cum filled waste case!! Not to mention shes sooo inlove with Reyda whose both of thier besties, yuck. He doesnt want you, trick. N When she can’t afford her partying she steals liqour. I dont know whats worse. This chick or her Rez mutt best friend Deneen. In the past 3 weeks I can name off 4 guys shes had unprotected sex with. You wanted fame n fortune but now your not so fortunate to have fame!! But down the bottle n go be a mummy. You look stupid.

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