Kroy Biermann – Brielle, You’re A Liar, I Caught You!

Kroy Biermann – Brielle, You’re A Liar, I Caught You!

Recently, The Dirty exclusively reported Brielle Biermann‘s response to a photo that had surfaced of her with a caption that certainly didn’t paint her in the best light. While fans sent us their doubts regarding her claims, a new video that surfaced on her Snapchat this wekeend has people talking again.

In a video she captioned “hell no not sharing s**t with you bro,” Brielle is seen filming step-Dad Kroy Biermann.

“When your Dad thinks you’re sketch cause you won’t share your location with him like I’m 20 I’m not sharing s**t with you,” Brielle says.

Interestingly- especially in light of our previous reports- Kroy responds that, “Your sketch a**. You’re a liar too. I caught you f**k…” and then he is cut off.

We would have been highly interested to see what else he shared, but, unsurprisingly, Brielle did not share more of him speaking to her, so it’s left to all of her fans to try to figure out what specifically he was referring to.

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