Krysta Is A Bad Mom

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Forever 21, how about Forever 16

Forever 21, how about Forever 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Krysta Maples, she’s a poor excuse for a mother & a wife! Ever since she’s moved back to Kansas she’s been nothing but a nasty sloot. She spends all her money going out & nothing on her on son! She just leaves her kid with whoever she wants when she wants. Its sad she can’t even take care of her own child.She only brags about her child on FB when she wants attention or to seem like a good mom. But in reality shes horrible. anways, She has slept & tried to sleep with half of rosehill & andover already. She drinks & smokes every weekend. She even got with nasty Bryce Chandler! She claims to say her husband Ricky cheated on her when everyone knows shes done all the cheating. She has always been one step ahead. When she lies she gets all defensive. She is two faced to all her friends and lies constantly. Then again,she chooses to be friends with drug addicts. She needs to wake up realize what she is losing cause her baby daddy is gonna end up taking him away when she doesn’t even know it.

I mean drug addict friends do make great babysitters.- nik

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