Kyle Neuber Is The Biggest Phony In Canada

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Kyle Neuber is the Biggest Phony in Canada

Kyle Neuber is the Biggest Phony in Canada

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik- I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with tips about this douchebag already since his entire hometown in appalled by him. Kyle Neuber, wannabe hockey player cheated on his sick girlfriend for months while she was in and out of hospitals. He guilted her into buying him things and played mind games with her for months. In the meantime this asshole was using her money to go to bars and pick up on girls lying and saying he plays in the NHL when he’s no where close. He’s been sleeping with everyone and everything he can get his dirty ass fingers in and its come out that he has DRD and he’s been talking girls into bed without wrapping it up. This guy is the epitome of shady. He’s been telling people his ex girlfriend is a psychopath and a liar when in reality the poor girl has been through hell and back. Please expose this guy for the piece of garbage he is.

My thoughts and prayers go out the his Ex-Girlfriend. I hope she is doing better.- nik

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