Ladies Beware Of This Immature Loser

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Ladies BEWARE!!!

Ladies BEWARE!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brent Laughman, he lives in Liberty Missouri. He is almost 24 years old and lives with his uncle and only pays for his gay *ss car that he is completely obsessed with. He is the most immature 24 year old anyone has ever met. He likes to break girls hearts, he feeds them lies like a pro and makes them fall in love with him and he goes back to the b*tch he has on the side and leaves your *ss with no notice. This man has had sex with more partners than he can even count on 20 hands. Him and his skinny *ss d*ck think they are nothing but hott sh*t, well Brent guess what, you’re not. Apparently when a ton of girls get together to talk about you they find out a ton of sh*t that you have been lying about, having a few official girlfriends at the same time and making them all believe that you truly love them is not cool man. What is also not cool is becoming obsessive and psyscho when a girl decides she wants nothing to do with you anymore, not how you wanted it to work out? Harassment only makes it worse douchebag. We all can’t wait till you go to the Army in June!!! So ladies, don’t fall for his bullsh*t. This man can’t just love only one woman, he will play you. Hopefully one day Brent you will grow up and learn how to respect and treat a woman the RIGHT way.

Sounds like he’s dabbling in fat chicks…no offense poster.- nik

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