Lame Crew, We’re Glad That YOLO

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet the Classiest crew you’ll ever find! Top left with the tongue piercing is the ring leader of this freak show, Josh Kohne. You can find them anywhere from City Heights, Covington to OTR scrounging up a few bucks for a nickel bag of weed or some dogg. Dont really know who the bottom two guys are, I guess just two of their goonies they picked up (they probably just had spare change for a cigar). Anyways, this Josh dude has been a thorn in my side for some time now! The only thing he is good for is running his c%ck sucker on some bullshit defamatory lies that he comes up with while tripping in his fantasy world on acid. A few things you should know about this gem–obviously he’s for the gays, he sucks any d*ck who isn’t scared to catch something from him for a couch to sleep on for a few nights because he’s been homeless for about two years now, he thieves any kind of goods he can get his sticky fingers on to support his drug habits and McFood addiction (including robbing over $600 from his work as an ice cream cone twirler), and hangs out with high school freshman even though he’s 21 years old. I just want to warn everyone to stay away from Josh Kohne because he will steal from you and then when you confront him about it he will blow up your phone on a cr*ck rage and then post lies about you all over Facebook to build up his fat, daddy-issues-ridden, sorry excuse of a “hard bitch” ego. He’s covered in shitty tattoos and piercings also; you know what the say–the bigger the gage, the lower the wage! The girl on the right, she used to be a sweet girl until Josh sucked her into his lame crew. Obviously not the most enjoyable to look at, but never the less a sweet girl who had some inkling of a future going for her until she fcked it up with this ghetto-princess wannabe. I’m sure I’ll be seeing my face on here shortly in retaliation to my orating the truth, along with a bunch of made up slander, but that’s fine with me, people love to throw rocks at shit that shines. So what do you think Nik? Would you hang with this crew or are you glad that they Only Live Once?

They look like the remaining few faithful Dungeons n Dragon players.- nik

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