Lancaster’s Unfit Mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok JUST to put it out there this girls name is kurties throats n she is the mother of a friend of mines child , this lieing cum dumpster cheated on him with her own cousin at his own party ( talk about keeping it in the family ) better yet after she left him and took his charming baby boy away she told cas that he has a mantal dissability so he cant get unsupervised visits and it just doesnt stop there this kid fights for his child and goes to work every day to get his child what he needs Kurstie purposely take photos of her boy friend hold the baby sticking his tung out shooting the middle finger to the camera and put it on facebook for my friend to see Besides all that these are the activities that she enjoys doing before caring for her kid! Smoking pot Fucking who ever she can find Drinking on a daily Partying every weekend And hurting a very kind and gentle father that actually gives a fuck about his kid So i just wanted to put this slut on blast so guys watch out she probably got DRD by now

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