Langley Child Abuser

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This ditch pig is Tiffany Heidt from Langley. She frequents the food bank even though she works. She got kicked off of income assistance because she got a student loan and tried to double dip. Her signature is using people that she sucks in after telling them her bullshit life story and also uses her kids as pawns. Which is funny because she beats the shit out of them constantly and the ministry has a massive file on her. She’s a smooth talker and uses the system and moves constantly. Her last place she completely destroyed with her animals. She never takes them out and they saturated the carpet with urine and feces. The kids were constantly living in filth and her youngest would poop on the carpet like the animals. She’s lazy and would only clean up when the ministry would come knocking – they actually made appointments with her! Idiots. Her daughter runs all over the neighborhood at all times of the night and she’s only 8. This little girl has been subjected to such horrible things and knows way too much about sex. Tiffany told me she is fucking a married guy because his wife won’t do what she does. SHE IS DISGUSTING. She doesn’t shower, has facial hair, smells like an animal and weighs 260 lbs! BEASTIN’ at it’s finest. She thinks she’s hot shit and if you look better than her she will cut you down or make fun of you. Put her on blast and let everyone know to steer clear of this behemoth! She will use you for every cent she can get, try to fck your man, talk shit about you behind your back and SHE BEATS HER KIDS. If you see this pig in your neighborhood – BEWARE! And watch very closely and you will see how she really is! You can hear her yelling at those kids for miles! GROSS… Get her up there NIK!

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