Lard Ass Of Edmonton

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Fat ass of Edmonton

Fat ass of Edmonton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, so this slut right here is Megan, aka the biggest slut of edmonton. She thinks she is the hottest bitch out there because her mom pays for a diet that doesn’t even work. She’s sucked off and got it in with every black guy in edmonton. She tans everyday, her skin looks like a leather coat. She talks soo much shit about everyone but when you call out this bitch she cries and acts like she never said shit. She’s fake from her head down to her saggy tits. All of her pictures, she has them hanging out and they look fcking deformed. Wtf is wrong with this bitch. So tell me Nik, would you motor boat those saggers?

Those pills your mom gives you aren’t working, or lemme guess, its your birth control which is making you chunky…I actually won’t bash u for that though since its a necessary.  Stop being a sloot and maybe you can look good I guess is the moral of this story.- nik

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