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nasty trashy h*e

nasty trashy h*e

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alyssa Ni*der, is from coraopolis, PA and is nothin but a backstabber to everyone she meets. she cant keep a secret to save her life. she talks shit on everyone esp. the people that she claims are her best friends and then when she gets busted she continues to lie about it. shes also one of the girls that thinks that shes hot sh*t!!!! she always wears something revealing. her ass is always fallin out of her pants showing the world her ghetto lookin pasty white ass, uhh hello they made belts for a reason! she wears bras that obviously dont fit cuz her boobs look like they are either suffocatiing or are falling out! she prances around everywhere she goes thinkin that shes sexy when really she looks like a ghetto gutter sl*t! ive been told that talking to her is like talking to a wall shes an airhead that doesnt pay attention at all unless its her talking. shes obsessed with sex but from what i hear shes got no room to talk because i hear she just lays there like a dead fish….shes so illiterate but she wants to go to college to be an english teacher, im sorry but honey you speak an right so ghetto that no school in their right mind would hire you as an english teacher….you have to know how to spell, speak, and dress appropriate i dont think you could handle that let alone handle another college. you b*tch and complain about everything and anything. you claim that your in love with yer “boyfriends” but you constantly flirt and cheat with other guys all the time seriously its time for this chick to get over herself and grow th f*ck up already!!!

I’m stll speechless after the first picture. She looks like a sumo wrestler.- nik

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