THE DIRTY ARMY: I have been married to a wonderful Godly man for 32 years, who was turned out by the very appearance of evil by a dirty and criminal whore name LaRose Lovett who was 59 but now she is 60 years old. My husband was very loyalty to me and our four children. I retired disabled at an early age because of multiple medical conditions in which I took medications that had various side effects, such as, fatigue, sleep disturbance, weight loss, low sex drive, depression, and no sex drive. I discussed these side effects with my husband, but he could not comprehend or understand that these side effects were coming strictly from the medication. My spiritual relationship with God showed me in dreams that my husband was having an affair with this woman, and there were also the wife instincts of her soul mate that she has been sleeping with for 32 years. As a wife she knows what he is thinking, whether he is lying or telling the truth. I asked him on several occasions was he having an affair, and he stated “NO”, and I would joke with him about sleeping with women in his cargo van, and he would say things like nobody wants me because I am a landscaper. In August 2013, my heart was broken into small pieces when I found out about this dirt. Earlier that day I went to my ob-gyn for my annual, and she asked me did I change sex partners because I had a bacterial infection, I replied “No”; so I went home and confronted my husband, and asked him twice was he having an affair, he answered “no”