Larry King Loves Wolfgang Puck

Larry King Loves Wolfgang Puck

Recently, famous chef Wolfgang Puck was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Larry King appeared to give a speech about him.

King shared many kind words about Puck, including crediting him for making Los Angeles have great food.

“Wolfgang Puck started a trend,” King explained. “He made Los Angeles a great place to dine. A great place to have food. He put a stamp on it and others followed. And now I would say this city ranks with the best in the world of restaurants. And if you had to point to one man who started it all and still does it, it’s Wolfgang Puck.”

“So in the true definition of the word star,” King added, “Wolfgang Puck is a star.”

While the Hollywood Walk of Fame is filled with many big names, it’s quite an honor for Wolfgang Puck to obtain a star there and to have such an important broadcaster like Larry King give a speech about you.

Congrats, Wolfgang!

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