THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve seen this girl on here a couple times already and I will have to admit that the rumors are true. Sure she thinks she is \”hot\” and deserves to be called a model however aren\’t models supposed to be attractive? I mean you look like a guy sweetheart! Who the f*ck can say they are a model and always have the same retarded facial expression?? You look stupid and on top of that note you are a a whore. The other night at Andy Macs you go and grab some black guys junk when your bf was at the bar?? Lauren you are a fugly girl and just stupid. You are never going to be a “big” model and also I always read you are “moving” to Denver soon. Bitch you\’ve been saying that for a year. Nik if being able to knock a ho out wasn\’t a crime I might be doing the world a favor because Lauren Dorsey is just the epitome of fucking disgusting things. idc who thinks this is wrong however go slit your wrists. You really do need to just die and stop being so annoying.

She isn’t moving.- nik