Leah Messer – Anxiety Induced Meltdown

Leah Messer – Anxiety Induced Meltdown

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has certainly gotten her share of social media hate for having a major meltdown during this season’s first episode. In a new clip released from this coming Monday’s episode, though, she has another meltdown- but this time it’s about the whereabouts of her daughter.

In a preview clip released by MTV, Messer’s youngest daughter, Addie, is away with Messer’s ex (and Addie’s father) Jeremy Calvert.

After Messer calls Calvert and gets a voicemail, a producer asks, “Does it worry you that he has your kid and you can’t reach him?”

“Yeah,” Messer responds. “I just said have Addie call me please. Making me anxious. This is not okay. What’s the deal?”

“I’m a little bit frustrated,” she continues. “Because I reached out to Jeremy to talk to Addie and he didn’t answer.”

During the scene, he returns her phone call, and tells Messer that, “You’re acting stupid over this right now.”

“I’m saying you’re not communicating with me,” she states. “I’ve been calling you and you haven’t answered your phone. If I don’t know what’s going on and I just know Addie’s in Ohio and she gets hurt, I don’t know… I think you would tell me, but this is very scary. We have to communicate for her.”

Calvert angrily responds that, “I sent you a text message… saying I’m going to Ohio. You act like we never talk in regards to our child and that is such bulls**t.”

He then hangs up and Messer gets frustrated, claiming that “When someone says something that upsets him, he gets mad.”

While we understand Messer being upset if she can’t reach her daughter, there’s been multitudes of times on camera- including some this weekend- where she’s not exhibited the best parenting skills, either.

Tell us- are you #TeamLeah or #TeamJeremy on this? Let us know in the comments.


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