Leah Messer- I Get Embarrassed And My Vocabulary Isn’t The Most Fluent

Leah Messer- I Get Embarrassed And My Vocabulary Isn’t The Most Fluent

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has definitely looked like a mess on some of the past seasons of the show, but on the currently airing season, she’s working really hard to get her life together. Aside from just trying to manage her life better, fans also recently saw Messer get into college.

In a deleted scene from the show, Messer talks about visiting West Virginia State University.

“I really don’t know what I’m going to go in for,” Messer shares.

“Whatever I do, I want it to benefit what I’m already doing,” she continues, “because I love making a difference. I want to be able to learn more about it and be able to speak in front of people. ‘Cause I get embarrassed and my vocabulary isn’t the most fluent, I guess.”

“Because I know my grammars not the best,” she adds. “I’m always gonna have the Southern accent. That’s just something that’s gonna happen. That just is what it is. But when I’m in the business world I can be professional, you know?” 

Messer also notes why she really wants to go to school, stating that, “The biggest thing for me is setting an example for my kids. Showing them how important education is- their education, my education, everyone’s education- is setting the example that I want for them.” 

We give Messer credit for continuing to work hard to better herself, and hope she figures out a major that makes sense for her if she actually goes through with beginning college.


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