Leah Messer- Say A Prayer For Ali

Leah Messer- Say A Prayer For Ali

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer‘s daughter, Ali, has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy for quite some time now, and fans of the show have been following Messer’s journey with her daughter’s illness throughout the years.

Recently, Messer shared a photo on Instgram of her with her daughter, showing her daughter with tape and tubes on her face. Messer captioned the photo with, “My sunshine everyyyday!??? #sayaprayer #night ?.”

While this led fans to wonder if Ali was okay, especially given her underlying condition, it seems that what she was simply undergoing a sleep study. This is evidenced on an earlier post Messer made in the day showing Ali with headphones on and a cameraman, claiming that, “Ali wants to cancel her sleep test study and be the audio gal. What do you guys think?”

We’re glad to hear it was simply a sleep study that Ali was undergoing, and continue to hope that Ali’s health continues to remain in good standing.


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