Lee Lee Shannon The Drug Addict


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she goes by Leeleeshannon_ on her Instagram. This girl is a whack job, she post about 10 different selfies each night between the hours of 11pm – 5am, what is crazy is her makeup is always done up and she is half naked in all her pics smoking weed. I for one know the girl never leaves her house, and has zero friends NONE. When she does get friends, they all discover how much of a crazy bitch she is. Then she goes on IG claiming people they aren’t loyal and she is so GANGSTER and that she will f*ck people up and people don’t know who she is. Dude this girl is insane, don’t even try and date her, my boy dated her for 3 days only to cut her off because she literally starts blowing you up and when you don’t respond because say you have a normal life working for example she starts threatening you. I believe she is closet Meth Addict who claims she does “Spray Tans” for a living, my guess since she never leaves her apartment she sells Meth/Weed? I heard she got in trouble for doing that before so maybe CMPD should pay her visit? Go to her IG bro and look at her pics, you will die. Not to mention this hag is 45 years old no joke and she say’s she is related to former Dr. Jerry Buss, I mean I guess you can say she looks ok for that age but bro that doesn’t remove the craziness of this girl. She should be like a DirtyCeleb for you guys.

RIP Dr. Jerry Buss. The Lakers died with you sir.- nik

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