Legs Wide Open


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legs wide open

legs wide open

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this girl right here is named courtney. shes from the “dirty dirty south” shes 18 years old and has already slept her way through most of warren county, legs AND mouth wide open as you can tell! females beware shes as trashy as they come and she’ll f*ck your boyfriend because she only keeps hers around for his money! shes also spreading the wonderful gift of herps to anyone and everyone willing to dip it in her mayonnaise jar. shes a drop out and alcoholic, I wouldn’t want to be sober if i looked like that either! girls shes as fake as they come shes nice to try and get what she wants but she talks mass sh*t, but only when her group of whore friends are around because shes to pus*y to by herself! If you see her RUN AWAY!

The bottom pic is a visine’ing nightmare, BJ from hell.- nik

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