Lesbian Trailer Trash


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Lesbian Trailer tra$$$h!

Lesbian Trailer tra$$$h!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This Fat A$$ B*** is Lindsay O***n. She is the deffinition of nasty,used up white trash! she thinks shes so hot with her jelly rolls hanging out of her shirt! shes a size XXXXXL trying to fit in a Xtra-Small its mortifying just having to had to look at that shit! I went to a party and walked in on her in the bathroom doing h*roine. Just look at the people she “chills” with. Theyre all disgusting! She goes around making out with everyone and anyone even her dike friend brook the bucth bi*** in the pic. She brags on how shes made pornos with her ex boyfriends and is trying to become the next cheyenne snow! This girl can murder you with her baby toe just imagine those drumstick legs and ummpa lumpa body. THats not even the worst part! you want to know why she hangs out with all those fat, dike looking girls? Shes a lesbian! she tried kissing me and grabbing my VaGin*! i left the party after that. She tries to be Bff with cessaley nix but the only reason she does is to try to f*ck her Bf Mark! Yeah i said it!

She is gunna make her boyfriend pretty jealous when he see’s her with those 2 dudes.- nik

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