EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Jones – When Trump Doesn’t Tweet About SNL, It’s Upsetting

EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Jones – When Trump Doesn’t Tweet About SNL, It’s Upsetting

Last night was a big night for the comedy world, as the Garden of Laughs benefit took place at Madison Square Garden. The night features a stand up comedy show that gives back by The Garden of Dreams Foundation.

On the red carpet, we exclusively caught up with Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member Leslie Jones, and we got to discuss the impact President Donald Trump is having on the show.

“It’s fun,” Jones exclusively shared on what it’s like being a cast member of SNL during such an interesting time. “It’s just really fun. It’s always been like a big playground to me anyway.”

When questioned on how being on SNL as a cast member has changed during the time of Trump, Jones shared that, “We still (are) going strong. We go stronger. I mean… that’s just material. For us, it’s just like, we just keep writing and keep coming up with stuff.”

“It’s so fun,” Jones continued dishing, on being a cast member of a show that the President has attacked many times, including on Twitter. “We love it. We love it. Yes (it drives us more). He doesn’t even understand the harder you go, the harder we gonna go. We love it. When he doesn’t tweet about us, that’s when it’s upsetting.”

So does Jones credit Trump for SNL’s ratings continuing to go up this season?

“I wouldn’t give it to Trump,” she shared. “I would give it to our material and our characters an dour cast members. That’s what I would give it to.”

“I wouldn’t give Trump s**t,” she wrapped with telling us. 

Jones truly proved she’s a riot both on and off the red carpet, and was one of the friendliest celebrities we’ve ever met. We can’t wait to watch her- and the rest of the SNL cast- keep doing their thing.


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