Let’s Help 8 Belles Before It Is Too Late


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is it me or is 8 belles getting better looking with age? But there is a limit, you cant party your ass off all weekend long and week long and not pay a price for it.  She needs to get out of the “club/party/bar” lifestyle before its too late, and she is 50 years old tending bar at the local sh*thole on the corner for 7$ an hour plus tips.  You know the place I mean, the place like cheers but 10x worse, and the bar tender is this old lady with a raspy voice and a hell of a smokers cough. Well if 8 belles don’t get out of doing what she is doing, she will be that raspy old lady (with huge boobs).  8 Belles your so much better than that to be doing what you are doing.  Get out while you still can, before your stuck.

8 Belles, you are one of my best Horses… find a rich dude already and quit the real world bar race.- nik

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