THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This specimen is the biggest liar you have ever seen in your life!!! She hold 2 franchises of Zerona in winnipeg. First off I was a client to this “weight loss” laser, and Laura told me how great it would work and how her employees lost so much weight, it’s garbage she is feeding!!! I didnt lose nothing while going there beside $5000. I got to talking to other clients that also wasted money here, and they lost little to nothing. Laura at first seemed like she cared about people, but after she got her lincoln, and she took out her competition which she gloated about, which now has a clinic beside hers on main st offering 50% off! i drive by there from work that’s how I know. Anyways when I went there she had an employee there which I didn’t mind and she fired her and told everyone about it and talked bad about her, I thought that was unprofessional, not only her but also her manager did the same when they put the laser on me. I’m also not sure if she washes her towels for clients there all the time. Many times I went in and found hair on the towel that covers the pillow, and they smelled funny. Over all bad experience and waste of money, nik i hope you post this and I hope people see this and not waste there time and money like I did.

All the repeat outfit offenses shoulda gave it away.  Can’t trust someone who can’t afford new laundry.- nik