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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik you ignored me today  I have summit a post about this guy more than once and dont see the post anyways I hope you help me this time I could be saving some girls of been dating a horrible professional liar…. Well this guy named DENNIS MASTERMAN is a proffesional liar he will treat girls like princess ,he will make you feel like you are the best girl he could ever have on his life … He will pretend to be the perfect men for you and you will never imagine how much he’s hiding from his past and the worst part is that he’s using girl to hide the person who he really is (he’s GAY ) he likes to fuck another guys !Transexuals to be more specific … He have hide from me that he had a kid and he denied the kid on my face several times , he have been married 3 times and he’s only 28 I wonder if his ex wife’s divorce him for the same reason I left him he likes men’s and you won’t ever imagine it since everything is perfect he used to look me in the eye ball and said to me how much he loved me and that I won’t ever have to worried of him cheating on me and he was doing it behind my back with Transexuals ! I hope I save some girls form this guy cuz as soon as he notice you know he’ll just ran away from everything … He’s gay an he won’t ever admit it I just don’t want any girl been hurt the way that he hurt me no one deserves something like this … Stay away from Dennis Masterman !!

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