EXCLUSIVE: Lil Wayne and Birdman – Lawsuit Over Alleged Illegal Sampling Dismissed

EXCLUSIVE: Lil Wayne and Birdman – Lawsuit Over Alleged Illegal Sampling Dismissed

The Dirty can exclusively report that enemies Lil Wayne and Birdman finally have some good news to celebrate together … the legal battle accusing them of ripping off a music producer has been dismissed.

A music producer named Woodrow Jones aka Woody and his company, Fireball Records, sued Lil Wayne, Birdman, Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records last year. The producer accused his former music partner of giving his tracks to Birdman and Cash Money without his authorization or paying him a dime.

Woodrow realized his tracks were sampled in Birdman’s “Always Strapped”, Lil Wayne’s “Don’t Like the Look Of It” and another track “Dark Shades” featuring both rappers. He filed suit demanding an injunction against Lil Wayne, Birdman or their record labels from continuing to profit illegally off his work and unspecified damages.

Birdman fired back calling the case nothing more than another attempt to ride on his coattails. He pointed out the producer failed to identify which portions of the songs he claims were his and even failed to register for a copyright on one track. He demanded the suit be tossed out of court.

Then on January 17th, Woodrow headed to court and filed a notice of voluntarily dismissal against all parties including Cash Money, Young Money, Birdman and Lil Wayne. The docs do not state whether a settlement was reached out of court. The case was closed the same day. So it makes you wonder what went down?


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