Lily-Rose Depp – Back In LA To Support Her Father

Lily-Rose Depp – Back In LA To Support Her Father

You might want to put Lily-Rose Depp on your radar. Yes, she’s the daughter of Johnny Depp … the 17-year-old is a French actress and model. She was the star at Paris Fashion Week, which makes no sense to me because she is 5’2.

Regardless of what I think, Karl Lagerfeld likes her face for the Chanel brand. I Never understood how a German could have so much power over Italian fashion … but what do I know? I still wear a Dodger hat.

Lily-Rose is in LA and one can only assume it’s to support her father during this crisis in his life. According to legal docs, Depp is in over his head in the financial department. The pirate spends $30,000 a month on wine, has 14 houses to maintain and 18 million on a yacht … the list goes on.

Makes you think Amber Heard got a bum deal.

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