Lina Martini’s Husband: Class A Chump

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, at first glance, this dude and her chick look like a decent couple (less the Travolta modeling gigs Lina participates in). So this chick who Go-Gos at the douchey Dallas clubs supposedly loves her husband. Well it is easy to see why. The toolbag has no reservations about sitting at home watching another attention whore mom’s kid (Kasi Redman) while his so-called wife is on the prowl in downtown Dallas living it up and drinking the night away. So this guy is changing diapers and babysitting another man and woman’s kid, and has to do it to be with his f*cking loose bride. How sad, and his is the state of men’s lives in the USA today. This kid is NOT even related to him. The only kid one should watch is his own, unless he is getting paid, but I highly doubt that. Men please don’t grow up to be a chump just to have a fake tit nightclub socialite, have some self-respect for God’s sake. She forgets where she came from; in Columbia, the husband would beat her ass for even suggesting this situation. Just look at her, she is getting drunk in photos in Los Angeles while toolbag is either working or putting up with his wife’s bullsh*t and attention whoring.

Real guys don’t date girls who work in the nightlife industry, they f*ck them instead.- nik

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