THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okay, here is the typical Dallas Trash Attention Wh*re who tries to value herself a little too much and needs to be brought down to Earth. This is Lina Martini. Yes, Martini, she names herself after a drink, #1, that is something for the kids to be proud of. #2 She attends all of the so-called “red carpet” events of Matthew JC (Travolta), who make can make you famous ! #3 She claims she’s a model, yeah right, she’s a gogo dancer. #4 Her intro on Facebook claims her mother told her to get +2’s and parade around half naked and therefore she deserves “high quality” men, #5 Once she was seen with Pauly D in a Dallas Club, photos taken by some obscure tabloids and then she posted it all over the Internet that she was in the tabloids. The Kicker, #6, she’s married. That guy must be the biggest chump on the planet, besides the droves of idiot guys who tell her how beautiful she is every day.

I look at Lina Martini and think her nose is identical to DJ Pauly D’s… which means if they had babies they would probably turn out retarded (brother/sister sex).- nik