Lindsay Marie’s Botched Surgery

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 9 and 2, aka Lindsay Marie, aka Lindsay Elektra was on The Howard Stern Show years ago to get a Playboy eval. They told her she didn’t have any boobs, so try again when she did.  She then went on the site Stern Fan Network and begged for donations in order to raise enough money- even set up a Paypal account. She then saw an ad on Gary Garver’s (former Stern employee) Myspace offering free breast implants by Dr. Cheski, and that’s where she got them. She never returned any of the money donated, which pissed people off.  This is what she wrote after her botched surgery:

“You Can all blame Gary Garver’s Hack Surgeon Dr. Cheski For my horrible breast augmentation. What a joke. Here I thought I won a contest for breast implants….Instead the guy is trying to ruin my life. NOT ONLY did Mr. Garver’s BUDDY/SURGEON give me one of the worst boob jobs I’ve ever seen, The guy won’t even call me back. My own DR!!! WONT CALL ME BACK!!! He obviously knows he f*cked up and I am in the process of taking legal action against both Gary Garver and Dr. Cheski for SEVERE Emotional/physical damage, Loss of Wages, etc. I was forced to step out of the Nude modeling game completely because of this, because I couldn’t stand the feedback that I was getting from people just as yourselves. It really sucks. I used to cry about it all the time:bc:but now it just makes me angry:punch: What goes around comes around and I believe in karma 100% hope that clears things up. I gave them a perfect blank canvas to work with, and they gave me nipples that point in opposite directions and an implant that is LITERALLY and inch higher than the other one. So embarrasing.”

Ladies, never get work done by Dr. Cheski. RACK City is REFUND City for 9 And 2.- nik

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