Little Lying Thieves

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little lying thieves

little lying thieves

little lying thieves

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so i’m sure we all know by now who the smeetons are here in kamloops and how they think them and there buddies are the coolest gangsters selling pepsi around town. WELL a family member of mine is a police officer and i heard them talking on the phone awhile back about how the smeetons brothers and one of there friends (WHOS DATING A GIRL I GO TO SCHOOL WITH ill give you a hint he’s a bald headed wanna be gangster who’s got a crooked dumb tattoo on his stomach) Broke into a motorcycle shop by the name of leading edge a month ago and that they work and did it for a guy by the name of matt baker who does ufc in town. thats just the tip of the ice berg now that were on the topic of these pieces of works lets get started with the youngest smeeton, devon who cheats on his gf and trys to f*ck any girl he can (i know because he tried it with me)….while he was dating paige…this little liar follows and does everything his brother daryl smeeton tells him to do like when he gets his younger brother to bring girls over to “a party at there house” and adds random lgs on Facebook trying to lure them over while his fake toothed gf is out thinking shes a model, gold digging off some other guy. Mean while the most crooked of them all matt baker who’s in a gang apparently tells them all what to do and gives them there pepsi to pay for his gym. put these scum of kamloops on blast Nik! quick!

You know how I know they’re for the gays…- nik

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