Little New Mexican Thinks He’s A Baller

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Little New Mexican Thinks He's A Baller

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Gabe Encee. This 18 year old kid thinks he’s a baller driving around his old broken down Mercedes. This winner hails from New Mexico but he thinks he is from Mexico so he pretends to talk in a homo spanish accent. A couple weeks ago he went and dumped sugar in his “best friend’s” gas tank, which cost him $2000. He’s fake as hell, he’ll be best friends with you one day and talk shit about everyone you don’t like and then go kick it with them the next day. He also told his fat girlfriend that she was well fat, so she stopped eating and has a healthy meal of blow 3 times a day instead. This kids already been run out of New Mexico. It’s time to get him out of Tempe. Even his con-artist dad has moved out here and everyone should know NOT to do business with this guy.  FRAUD, FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE, AND WRITING WORTHLESS CHECKS? Damn, I guess it runs in the family. Not making sh*t, but spending as much as you can? Get your money up man. Nobody wants your fake cash or family here. Take the memo.

There’s a reason he’s taking a picture with those glasses in  the store.- nik

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