Liz Cried And Lied About Being On On The News

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Cried about being on the dirty in the news!

Cried about being on the dirty in the news!

Cried about being on the dirty in the news!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. This is Liz and she was on the news for being on TheDirty. It was hilarious! She turned on the pageant tears and just looked like an idiot. She lied saying that she lost her title for Miss Planet Beach because of TheDirty but she really lost it because she did a test shoot for Playboy and didn’t make it. Those pictures made it in to the hands of the pageant coordinators and her crown was removed. She is engaged to Ryan but still hits up her ex Kyle and her friend Brandon trying to hook up. She is nasty! Just look at all that crap on her face. Must take her hours to get ready. Her +2s are way too small too. Wonder what she looks like with all that makeup, fake hair, spray tan, and diet pills. Nik, what do you think about her being on the news?

Everyone blames me for their life problems when they never look in the mirror at themselves. People don’t end up on this website by coincidence.- nik

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